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Writing About Pages That Win Clients

Most people don’t like writing about themselves. They don’t like to brag or blow their own trumpet. Luckily your about page is not about you.

Your about page is about your client and their problems

And how well placed you are to help your client solve their problems. So for your business to be a real success you need to know your clients well.

What are your client’s…

  • Problems
  • Challenges
  • Goals
  • Aspirations

How to become the ideal company to do business with

First, understand the problems and challenges your clients face. Then discover their goals and aspirations for the future. Build your business around solving the problems and challenges your client faces. This will help your clients achieve their goals and aspirations.

Now you can declare, “I am the ideal company for you to do business with”.

USP or Unique Selling Proposition

Is there anything your clients consider to be unique and desirable about you? If there is, make sure you include that information in all your marketing materials.

But remember it must be unique AND desirable. I know of a copywriter who has shocking pink hair. That fact is not going to sway my decision to hire her. But if she could prove that her copy helped transform a loss-making business. And they now have a $1,000,000 per year, after tax profit. Then I’d be listening.

Globalization and the USP

The idea of a Unique Selling Proposition (or Point) started in the early 1940s. That’s almost 80 years ago and things have changed a lot since then. In the online world it’s almost impossible to have a product or service that is unique. Whatever you come up with, your competitors can copy.

For many service businesses, your personality is your real USP. If your clients know, like and trust you, you’re in a strong position.

Become well known and well liked in your community. And offer great value at a fair price. You might find you don’t need a USP.

Some examples and ideas to try on your about us page…

Start with a headline and first paragraph that targets your ideal client.

If not having a website is holding your business back and it’s difficult for prospects to find out about you…

I can help.

Hello. I’m (Name Here) I build websites that help service businesses win more clients. I help office-based and hands-on service businesses. So if you’re a graphic designer or a builder, a copywriter or a cleaning business, I can help.

(Then you could include a bit about yourself. But focus on things about you that are beneficial to your client.)

I’m a sportsman and keen to beat my personal best. I analyze every race I run or match I play, so the next time I can do better. Good enough is not an option for me. I want you to get the best value possible for the price you pay.

State the problems you solve

Now you could list the most common problems your clients face. Talk about the impact that problem was having on their business or life. Then talk about how bright the future is now you’ve solved the problem.

If you have them, you could use testimonials and quotes in this section.

My business is all boom and bust

There are three stages your prospective clients are at in the buying process. I want to buy now. I’m interested but not ready yet. And, I’m an old client who needs more work doing. My goal is to give you the best chance of winning all three of these prospective clients.

A problem and solution using a quote

I thought websites were so, so complicated…

I’d had a website years ago, every minor change was a big deal and expensive. My new WordPress site is so easy to update, I can make small changes myself. I couldn’t have built the site myself. But I can add blog posts whenever I have time. I love my new site, it’s so, so simple.
— Lizzy Windsor

Include the most common problems you solve for your average client.

At the bottom of your about us page…

Recap your offer and add a call to action

At the bottom of your about us page, remind them of the problem they want to solve. Then ask if they’d like you to help them fix it.

Need help?

To get some professional help solving any of the problems on this page, get in touch.

I respond in 24 hours or less.

Put your contact details here. You’ll also have a contact page, but it’s so easy to add your contact form, email address and phone number here. So why take chances. Make it as easy as possible for your prospective clients to start the ball rolling.

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