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Writing A Services Page That Wins Clients

Writing a good services page for your website is not that difficult, if you stick to a few simple rules.

  1. List the type of clients you help.
  2. Name your services around those client types.
  3. Add a description below each service name, focus on the benefits you deliver.
  4. Prove that you deliver the results your clients want, using case studies, testimonials, and your portfolio.
  5. Use guarantees and risk reversal tactics to eliminate any fears your prospect might have about contacting you.
  6. Ask for the sale with a clear call to action.

Give your services names that target specific client types

Don’t just say we provide marketing services, or we provide roof repair services. Give your services names that target each category in your list of ideal client types. For instance, if I was a marketing consultant my main clients could be…

  • Service Professionals
  • Mom, and Pop family firms
  • 50+ Freelancers
  • Tradespeople
  • Work from home side gigs and Lifestyle businesses.

So I would make a marketing package for each of these groups. Then I would give each marketing package a name. The name of the service would enable each business owner to pick their business type from the list.

They just scan the list for “a business like mine”. They can see at a glance which of the services I offer is best suited to their situation. There’s very little time or effort needed for thinking about what they need to do. It’s obvious which service they need.

Add a service description

Once I’ve named my services to match the types of clients I want to attract, I add a description explaining who needs that service, what benefits the service delivers and in what ways they’re better off after I’ve delivered the service.

Risk reversal, case studies, FAQs and testimonials

Underneath my list of services, I could include a set of Frequently Asked Questions and talk about my guarantee and any other ways I reduce the amount of risk that the prospect is exposed to.

I might also link to my portfolio, case studies, and include some testimonials that would convince the reader that I am competent, trustworthy and that I deliver a valuable service.

What happens next & a call to action

Just before my call to action, I might briefly explain what happens immediately after I receive their enquiry. I’d tell them how soon I’ll get back to them, what process we go through before we start working together and at what point I start charging for my services.

An example list of marketing services

  • Service Professionals: win more of your ideal clients with our flagship marketing package
    Describe this service here…
  • Mom and Pop family firms: an online and in print marketing package
    Describe this service here…
  • 50+ Freelancers: a showcase for your experience
    Describe this service here…
  • Tradespeople: an online and in print marketing package
    Describe this service here…
  • Work from home side gigs and Lifestyle businesses: we offer an affordable online DIY marketing class just for you 🙂
    Describe this service here…

Can’t find a business like yours in this list? Get in touch and tell us about your business and your marketing needs. We’re happy to build tailor-made marketing solutions for most businesses.

Use the name and the description of your service to paint a picture in your prospect’s mind. Make sure they immediately get who this service is for and why they need it.

Write your list of services in such a way that if a prospect is a good fit for your business they’ll immediately pick out the service most suited to them and say “that’s what we need, that’ll solve our problems”.

Use as many pages as you need

You could list and describe all of your services on a single page.

Or you could use your services page as a services category homepage. List the title and a brief description of each service on this service category homepage. Then link from the service’s homepage to individual pages for each individual service. On those individual services pages, you’ve got room to describe each service in as much detail as you need.

On your services page…

  • Paint a picture in their minds of the problem they currently have.
  • Your solution solving that problem.
  • And how nice life will be as a result.

Services, portfolio, case studies, FAQs, testimonials etc.

Your services page doesn’t work in isolation. If your site includes case studies of clients you’ve helped. You could link from a specific service to a case study of a business that used this service.

You want your prospect to look at your services page and the case study it links to and say…

  • This business is like mine.
  • They did have the problem I currently have.
  • But they used this service and now their problem is solved.

You want your prospect to think…

“This is not pie in the sky. Look, it really works and here’s the proof! ”

You could even say …
“Here’s a business who started out where you are. Our service has taken them to where you want to be. If you want results like these, get in touch.”

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