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WordPress in Bradford

Using WordPress in Bradford or Leeds?

If you’d like to set up a website for your business and are thinking about using WordPress in Bradford or Leeds. I may be able to help you get started.

Running a website is surprisingly easy.

The software manages the content of your website for you. Adding new content to your site is similar to making a printed page using Microsoft Word. But instead of pressing the print button you press the publish button, and your new page appears your website.

I can set up WordPress for you…

So that when you publish a new blog post or web page a link will automatically appear in the sidebar or top navigation bar of your website. When visitors click the link they go to your new page.

All you need to do is add a headline, text and photos. Just like using Word. You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

With software this good there must be a catch, right?

Yes and no. Setting up a website initially can be tricky. There are so many things to know if you want to get everything right. But once your site is set up, adding new pages or blog posts is surprisingly easy.

An easy to use site…

If you can use a Microsoft Word or similar software, you could quickly get up to speed with the basics of running your own website.

If you’re thinking of using WordPress in Bradford or Leeds, here are some things I can help you with…
  • Registering your domain name.
  • Choosing a web host.
  • Installing the software.
  • Setting up a theme (web design).
  • Advice on the content you need.
  • Basic SEO and SEO tuition.
  • WordPress tuition at your premises.
  • Customising your design.
  • Adding plugins to make feedback forms etc.
  • Backing up and restoring your site.
Videos or on site training…

Once I’ve set up your site it’s surprisingly easy to use, I will make a video showing you exactly what to do. However, if you want me to come to your premises and show you or your staff how to use the site, I’m happy to do that. Especially if you are in Bradford, Leeds or somewhere close by.

Find out more about how I can help you here >>