WordPress Help and Assistance, I’m here to make your life easier


Getting a website you can be proud of is easier than you might think, with a little bit of WordPress help you could be up and running in no-time.

If you run a small or medium sized business I may be able to offer you all the WordPress help and assistance you need.

Philip Gledhill WordPress assistant
Philip Gledhill WordPress assistant

Hi, I’m Philip and I’ve been using WordPress for many years. I’ve been using it all day every work day for the last two years. Hiring me gives you access to all my knowledge and experience specifically for WordPress help and WordPress SEO. That’s a whole lot of WordPress help! And there’s a good chance that I work for less than you do, so it makes a lot of sense to hire me to do the work instead of trying to figure things out for yourself.

The real truth about web design.

The way websites are made has changed significantly in the last few years. You can buy great looking professionally designed websites off the peg now. And because it’s easy to change the background images and colours of the site, you can easily make an off the peg site look unique. This can save you a small fortune.

You can also get industry leading securely coded website frameworks for a tiny fraction of the price it would cost to build something of this quality from scratch.

And because WordPress is taking the small business web design industry by storm, you’re spoilt for choice. High quality search engine optimised websites are now firmly in the price range of all small businesses. All you need to get your hands on all of this is a little bit of WordPress help.

With a little bit of WordPress help and assistance, you can have…

  • A professionally designed website.
  • World leading website security.
  • Powerful easy to use SEO tools.
  • Easy to use backup systems.

I’ve got all of the skills needed to build your site and optimise it for the search engines. If you want to invest more in the site you could employ a dedicated copywriter and an SEO specialist after your site is up and running. That way you would get much more bang for your bucks. So you could have a good looking, professionally designed website now and improve and refine it as and when you can afford to.

Take a look at these articles and see if you think that my services can provide the WordPress help you need.

If you think we could work together why not contact me and ask for some WordPress help?