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Widget Importer & Exporter settings for StudioPress themes


The easiest way to use the import file has changed.

  1. Open the import file using Notepad or a plain text editor (not a word processor).
  2. Copy the code.
  3. Paste the code in to the copy and paste box.
Click the copy and paste link
Click the copy and paste link.

Open the widget import file I provided (it has a .wie file extension) using Notepad. Then copy and paste the code into the copy and paste box.

This guide is designed for bloggers and web professionals who know WordPress well. You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to use the Widget Importer & Exporter settings for StudioPress themes. But I do expect you to be at the skill level you reach after taking the wp101.com training.

The idea behind this guide is simple. Because you already know how to use WordPress I only need to explain how the widget import files work.

This means you can get up to speed with the StudioPress Pro Plus Pack or an individual StudioPress theme much faster.

Please note! This guide and the downloadable widget import files I provide are for themes DESIGNED by StudioPress and listed on their themes page. This guide does NOT include themes listed as third party themes.

Setting up your own demo sites that you can learn from

First you need to set up your learning environment.

Before you can use these Widget Importer & Exporter settings for StudioPress themes you will need…

  • A site to practice on. I recommend using a local host such as Bitnami or Xampp.
  • The Genesis Framework and at least one StudioPress child theme. You could use the Genesis sample theme which comes free with the Genesis Framework.
  • The .wie Widget Import & Export setup files that I have made for you.
  • Content for your practice site. The StudioPress theme files contain an xml folder. If you look in this folder you will find an xml file that, if used with the WordPress Importer plugin, will populate your practice site with the demo content used in the StudioPress demo. These StudioPress demo content .xml files usually contain simple grey placeholder images. Although the .xml files for some themes do include the same graphics and photos as the StudioPress demo sites.

Plugins you will need on your practice site…

See this comprehensive list of plugins used in StudioPress themes.