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Widget areas in Foodie Pro

A basic guide to the Foodie Pro widget area settings.

This video is not designed to teach you how to use WordPress. So I assume you already know how to put widgets in to sidebars and other widget areas.

In this video I’m just going to explain how the main widget areas have been used in the demo version of Foodie Pro.


Both Primary and Secondary sidebars are available in Foodie Pro.

Before Header

Top box call to action contains the Genesis eNews Extended widget.


Top [Genesis Responsive Slider]
Middle [Full post with more tag]
Bottom [Foodie Pro – Featured Post widgets stacked]

Post Bottom

Similar to After Entry [eNews and Text widget containing an ad.]


Top [Search – Category – Archives]
Bottom [Foodie Pro – Featured Post widget. Contains posts taken from different Categories]

Footer 1, 2, 3 and 4

3 boxes, above one full width box.

The best way to learn how the different widget areas and widgets are configured, is to set up a practice site, using the widget import file that comes with the Foodie Pro theme.

This video was designed to give you a general overview of what widget areas are available in Foodie Pro and how they’re used on the demo site.

Widget areas in Foodie Pro