I make WordPress websites for small and medium sized businesses…

…in and around Bradford in West Yorkshire, I can help you when you want your first WordPress website.

I work with you to set up a content management system (WordPress website) that makes updating your own site easy. It’s a bit like using Microsoft word.

I help businesses in many different industries but what they all have in common is that they need a WordPress website, want to update it themselves and don’t already have the skills to do this in house.

Are some of these statements true for you?

  • We regularly send brochures to potential customers this costs money and prevents us from doing the job we are doing right now. If we had a WordPress website, customers could find all of the information they need instantly and we could get on with the job in hand.
  • We need a website but don’t like the idea of paying week after week for maintenance and updates. If we get a website we’d like to be able to look after it our selves.
  • We considered building our own site but it was a bit overwhelming and making the site look professional was not as easy as we thought. We’d like some help and advice.
  • We’ve got an enthusiastic employee who wants to work on our site but they need some training. If someone could come to our premises and show them what to do it would be great.
  • We know nothing about web design or how WordPress websites are made. We need someone to explain what the options are and how we go about getting what we want.

If any of the above statements sound familiar I may be able to help you.
To maintain your own site you will need to be computer literate. However, if you can use a word processor you could soon learn to update your own WordPress website. If you’re willing to learn new things and do some practising you should be OK. This is not rocket science and practice makes perfect but without practising you won’t get the results you need.

Now that you know the kind of businesses I work with, how I help them and what they need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about working with me.