Examples of people I can help…

I build websites for trade and service professionals, see the examples below.

  • Surveying, construction, fitters, fitting-out and finishing, interior design and decorating.
  • Civil engineering: planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating infrastructure.
  • Maintenance, repairs, and cleaning.
  • Landscaping and gardening.
  • Caring and helping professions.
  • Coaches.
  • Trainers.
  • Doggy walkers.
  • Groups and associations.
  • Not for profits and charities.

What all my customers have in common: they need a website that explains what they do, who they help, showcases their previous work, and provides contact information.

My customers do not sell products such as shoes, handbags, or washing machines and fridges.

I want to be known as the web designer for service businesses.

To be the best service business web designer I can be, I have to focus my attention on helping service business owners.

E-commerce would be a big side-track for me with little benefit for my core customer base.

Also, I believe Shopify (not WordPress) is the best solution for low budget online shops. Building Shopify websites would take me even further away from the needs of my core customer base, which is service business owners.

I choose not to be a so-so all round web designer. I choose to focus my skills and do the best work I possibly can for service businesses.

Why I don’t build eCommerce websites.

The price range I operate in is usually less than £1000. Although you can build a WooCommerce website based on WordPress in that price range, I believe Shopify is a better option.

Shopify lets you concentrate on selling your products.

I do NOT build eCommerce, WooCommerce, or Shopify websites.

If you need a small low budget eCommerce website I recommend you build your own using Shopify.

Shopify is a good way to build your own online shop.


Shopify is a complete eCommerce solution including a website, hosting, and checkout process. You just add your products.

Shopify Lite.

Shopify Lite is a way to add buy buttons to your own WordPress or Squarespace website.


PayPal also offer buy buttons that you can embed in an existing WordPress website.

What is Shopify?

Shopify take care of safety and security.

Shopify take care of the basic safety and security of your website. Shopify host your store on their servers and your store uses Shopify software such as your design theme. It’s possible to add custom code to a Shopify website, but unless you’re an expert I don’t recommend it.

You can focus on business.

If you’re running an online store you need to focus on your core business, selling your products.

I think $29 per month is a small price to pay for all the features and functionality Shopify offer.

Better for non-techies.

Shopify websites are easy to set up, secure by design, and look great. They let you focus on adding products and dealing with orders. You want to sell stuff, not update software and check your hosting is secure.

My question is, if your website isn’t worth $29 per month is your business viable?

Shopify offer three main price points.

  • $29/month.
  • $79/month.
  • $299/moth.

And $9/month for Shopify Lite.

If you just sell a few products, you can use the Shopify Lite plan for $9/mo. Shopify Lite enables you to add buy buttons to other types of websites, such as WordPress or Squarespace websites.

See what you get at each Shopify price point here.

If you’re a WordPress whizz you might want to consider WooCommerce.

With WordPress and WooCommerce security is up to you.

With a WordPress – WooCommerce website you must look after your own maintenance and security updates. But you get more control over your website. WooCommerce is not as easy to set up as Shopify.

Compare Shopify prices to WooCommerce hosting: Some WooCommerce hosting prices.

Please note: I do NOT build WooCommerce, eCommerce, or Shopify websites.

A service business expert.

The bottom line is simple, I can’t be an expert in everything, I choose to be the best service business web designer I can be.

If you’re looking for a service business website…