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Up Sells, Cross Sells and Related Products in WooCommerce

Up Sells, Cross Sells and Related Products Video 1

Up Sells, Cross Sells and Related Products Video 2

When you view your shop page you see a grid of products.

If you click one of those products to view that product’s full description. Then scroll down the page, you may see two more options.

If you’re using the Store Front theme these options will be labelled…

  • You may also like
  • and Related products

You do not see those two options on the main shop page but only on pages that display individual products.

If you click the Add to cart button and view your shopping cart, you may see a third option labelled…

  • You may be interested in

But why do Up Sells, Cross Sells and Related Products appear, how do they get there and what do you need to do to change them?

These are the slides I used in the Up Sells, Cross Sells and Related Products videos…

First I’ll explain Related Products

When you view an individual product, if you scroll down the page, you may see related products displaying at the bottom of that page. These products are placed here by WooCommerce because they are in the same product category or use the same product tags as the product you are viewing.

So assuming you’ve carefully and accurately categorized and tagged your product pages, the related products section is taken care of by WooCommerce. That’s all you need to know.

We’ve taken care of Related Products but what about…

  • Up Sells
  • Cross Sells

An Up-Sell is designed to tempt your customer to upgrade from the product they are currently viewing and buy a more expensive product. In this case the up-sell is the same poster but it’s in a frame and costs more money.

Cross Sells are products that would compliment the product that is currently in the shopping cart. For instance, when a shopper is buying a poster and they’ve reached their shopping cart page. You could cross sell a poster cleaning kit.

You have to manually select the specific products that you want be displayed as the up-sell or cross-sell products on a case by case basis.

So if you don’t assign any up-sells or cross-sells to a product, that product won’t display up-sells or cross-sells.

Related Products on the other hand are automatically placed there by WooCommerce.

Up Sells, Cross Sells and Related Products are easy to set up. But the terms are similar and confusing at first. My advice would be to practicing setting up Up Sells, Cross Sells and Related Products and then check to see where they display in your site. With a little bit of practice you’ll soon be an expert 🙂

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