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Twenty Twenty Theme: a great choice for service professionals

Twenty Twenty theme is free and provided by the WordPress team. If you need a free theme for your service business website. It could be just what you’re looking for.

Twenty Twenty Theme Cover Template
This is a screenshot of the Twenty Twenty theme cover template.

There is a website all about Twenty Twenty at…

Twenty Twenty Theme.com

Can Twenty Twenty theme deliver what you, as a service business owner, want from your website?

If you want a clean design that delivers a clear message and makes you look professional, then yes, it can. And it does it really well. Which makes it a good choice for service professionals on a tight budget.

Let’s look in a bit more detail…

  • You want to look professional.
  • With an easy to set up website.
  • That’s well coded, secure and safe.
  • And has a low learning curve.
  • You want to deliver a clear message.
  • With a theme that’s long lasting and won’t be discontinued or abandoned.
  • You want a theme that’s up to date and works with the block editor.
  • Because this will enable you to implement much of the advice provided by usability experts such as Gill Andrews, The Conversion Rate Experts & Nielsen Norman Group.

Twenty Twenty theme provides all of this, it’s built by the WordPress team, and it’s free!

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
Albert Einstein

It’s easy to use, which gives you more time to write good content

Having an easy to use, simple theme, frees up your time so you can concentrate on writing good content.

Adding bells and whistles to your site makes every decision more complicated. One of the best things about Twenty Twenty is that you can look really professional with very little effort.

And that gives you more time to write good content.

There is a website all about Twenty Twenty…

Twenty Twenty Theme.com

This is a special theme, here’s why…

  • The simplicity of it’s design makes it easy for you to look professional. It delivers a clean, clear message.
  • Likewise, the built in WordPress blocks enable you to build professional looking page layouts in just minutes. You’ll love using the block editor.
  • And because there are only a few options and settings to learn. Which makes setting up your site quick and easy.
  • The Cover Template is ideal for a service business front page.
  • You can add a retina logo and change the color scheme to suit your business colors.
  • Twenty Twenty has a built in social menu. So adding links to your social media accounts is easy, and the icons look great.
  • Because there are five menu locations. So it’s easy to add the links you want, in the place you need them.
  • You can place a search icon in navigation bar, with one click.
  • You can build your authority by including your author bio on all posts.

Got some money to spend and want a seriously good theme? Checkout Authority Pro.