The web design service I offer.

What is my service?

I help smaller service businesses get their first website or update their existing small website.

Who is my service for?

It’s for smaller service businesses. If you employ less than 15 people, or you work as a freelancer providing a service to your customers or clients, my web design service is a good choice for you. If you employ over 15 people, I can still help you. But, if you have deep pockets, you might consider employing a web design agency with specialists in every department of web design.

Who is my service not for?

I do not build eCommerce websites. So, if you sell goods such as handbags, shoes, TVs or fridges, my service is not for you.

How much does it cost?

I charge £250 to set up your website, but you also need a domain name and web hosting which costs about £11 per month.

Are there any recurring fees? You must pay for your domain name and web hosting which costs about £11 per month, but it’s cheaper to pay yearly. If you want the WP101 training videos, that’s an additional cost.

What do you get?

I design your WordPress website and include the 4 main pages, home, services, about, and contact. You can also have a portfolio section on your website where you can add blog posts showing photos of the jobs you do.

What about website content?

To make writing your content easy, I’ve made follow along guides with fill in the blanks documents. I’ve provided all you need to write your own basic content for each page.

I recommend you start with basic content for each page, then log in and improve on that content when time permits.

Can you maintain your own website?

I can include the WP101 training videos for a small additional cost. SO, when you’re logged in to your website and want to create a new post, add an image, or embed a YouTube video on your page, you can watch the corresponding video first.

If you want to watch the complete series of WordPress videos, which includes 31 videos, it will take you about two hours. But many people watch the videos as they need them.

What about Google and SEO?

I build your website in a Google friendly way, but there’s much more you can do to improve your Google rankings. To begin with, I recommend you claim your free Google My Business page. Then slowly, over time, write blog and portfolio posts about your business showing the work you do.

Yoast SEO training videos.

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin, or addon. There are two versions of Yoast SEO, free and premium. I recommend you use the free version. As well as the WordPress training videos, WP101 includes Yoast training too.

Yoast SEO asks you what keywords you want each page to rank for in Google, then tells you what changes you need to make to your page. For instance, if you want your page to rank for the term plumber in Bradford, you’ll be prompted to add that term in your page title, page headlines, and to use the term as alt text for your images.

Yoast is a powerful tool, but once you understand how it works, it’s easy to use.

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