The process we go through.

What’s the process we go through if we agree to work together?

Content first web design.

The most important part of any website is the content. And the biggest reason for delays in the web design process is my waiting for content. To overcome this problem, I use a system called content first web design. Which means I don’t start building your website until I have enough content to build the main pages, home, services, about, and contact.

How do you write your content?

I’ve made a simple fill in the blanks guide that covers all four basic pages. You can find that guide on my WP Sidegig website. Fill in the blanks templates.

What about images?

I’ve written a short guide to the images you need for a service business website. You can find that guide on my WP Sidegig website. The images you need for a service business website.

Domain name and web hosting.

Besides the fee I charge for building your website, you need a domain name, such as and web hosting. Some web hosting companies are easier to work with than others. I will recommend the web host I’d like you to use after you contact me. If you have an existing website you’d like me to update, and you already have web hosting, let me know which hosting company and which hosting package you’re using when you contact me. This gives me an idea of how difficult the job will be.

What will your website look like?

You can choose from these ten basic styles. Your site doesn’t have to copy the demos, but they give you an idea of what styles you can have. I price my basic website set up service competitively; you get about 80% of the styling and layout options a web design agency offers at a fraction of the price. Your website is customizable, and if you show me a design you’d like, I’ll tell you if you can have something similar.

How long does it take?

Once I have your content and an idea of what style website you prefer, and your domain name and hosting are live, building your site usually takes two or three days.

How do you get started?

Contact me and give me a brief overview of your business. I’ll reply telling you if I think I can help and explaining what the next steps are.

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