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The 5 Minute Guide: Creating Website Content For A Service Business

This 5 minute guide is a brief overview of my Client Winner content writing system. I’ve written more in-depth guides for each element you need on your site and your homepage. You can find those links in the sidebar.

The headline and sub-headline of your homepage should state…

  • This is what I do
  • These are the people I help
  • My clients have this problem
  • And this is the end result they get from my services

This is a simple example of a service business headline and sub heading…

Do you need to drive more traffic to your website?

I help small businesses to get listed on the first page of Google, and to win more clients.

Heading and Subheading for a Client Winner website
Heading and Subheading for a Client Winner website

Email list sign up

If you want to build your mailing list, put a signup form under your headline. And include a bribe to subscribe, such as an instantly downloadable PDF on a subject they find irresistible.

Client logos

If you’ve worked with any brands that your clients will recognise, you could put those logos below your hero header section. BUT! Always get permission before talking about any client, or using their logo or any other of their assets.

About us, our USP, this is why we’re special

Next. put an about us paragraph saying why you are the best placed business to solve the client’s problem. The idea of having a Unique Selling Proposition is now more than 100 years old. And it still works if there’s something truly special about your business. But in the internet age few businesses are truly unique.

A more realistic USP could be that you’re a well established and trustworthy local business who offers a high quality service at a reasonable price.

Just remember that your about us section is not about you. It’s about why you are the best placed business to solve the client’s problem.

Our services

In your homepage headline you gave an overview of the services you offer. In this section you can go into more detail. For instance, you could list your three main services and then provide links to pages that describe each service in more detail.

Portfolio, case studies and testimonials

If you say “Hay! Look at me I’m great at my job”, the reader will be sceptical. You need to show the reader that you deliver the goods. And you do that using your portfolio, by writing case studies about businesses you’ve helped and by including testimonials and reviews your clients have left. “Don’t tell me your great, show me the proof!”

Contact us

You never know at what point your site visitor will be ready to contact you. So make sure they can see a big bold contact us button or link on every page. Then on your contact us page, give them the choice of filling in your form or phoning you. It’s not always practical to offer email, a contact form, and telephone contact details. But the more options your prospect has, the more likely they’ll make that initial contact with you.

I hope I’ve whetted your appetite. If I have you can read my other posts about writing writing content for a service business website here…

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