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StudioPress Pricing Table

Using Find and Replace in Notepad to change the text in the StudioPress pricing table.

This is a long tutorial about the StudioPress pricing table. This is what we’re going to do…

  • I’m assuming your StudioPress pricing table already has the StudioPress example code. You get the code we’re using by logging into your StudioPress account. Or from the person who built your website.
  • Copy the code from your Pricing table’s text widget(s).
  • Paste the code in to a text editor such as Notepad.
  • View your website front end and copy the text you want to change.
  • Use Notepad’s search feature, to search the code for the text you want to change.
  • Change the text.
  • Paste the code back into your pricing table text widget in WordPress.

The pricing tables should have been set up by the person who set up the site for you. If you bought and set up the theme yourself, log in to your StudioPress account and find the link to your theme’s set up guide which contains the raw code we’re using.

One widget AREA several WIDGETS

All StudioPress themes that have pricing tables use a single widget AREA to contain them.

But, some themes use several Text WIDGETS inside that single widget AREA. The text widget(s) display the headline, opening paragraph and the three columns of the pricing table…

How many text widgets does your theme use?

  • Parallax Pro uses 1 text widget
  • Centric Pro uses 1 text widget
  • Remobile Pro uses 1 text widget
  • Cafe Pro uses 3 text widgets
  • Altitude Pro uses 4 text widgets

The Title: box

Some themes put a title in the text widget title box. Some themes don’t.

Parallax Pro StudioPress Pricing Table text widget
The Parallax Pro pricing table uses the Title: box

Use the search tool or manually search the text

The pricing tables contain very basic HTML code. You can read through this very carefully and edit the text by hand. Or you can use a text editor like Notepad to find and replace the text that displays in your site’s pricing table.

Replace” width=”300″ height=”300″> In Notepad choose Edit > Replace
The Replace tool in Notepad
The Replace tool in Notepad

Please note this is important…
Do NOT use Microsoft Word to edit this text. You need a plain text editor like Notepad!

And always, always, always backup anything you are about to make changes to BEFORE you start. Then when you make mistakes. You can revert back to the code that you started with.

Finding YOUR pricing table

Where is the pricing table in your theme? (Not all themes have pricing tables.) To find the widget area that contains YOUR theme’s pricing table.

First go to Appearance > Widgets. Then find the widget area that contains your themes pricing table.

  • Centric Pro = Home 4 Widget area.
  • Parallax Pro = Home Section 4 Widget area.
  • Altitude Pro = Front Page 4 Widget Area.
  • Remobile Pro = Home Pricing Widget Area.
  • Cafe Pro = Front Page 2 widget Area.

Editing the pricing table’s text

Open the widget area containing the pricing table in your theme.
Open each individual text widget, one at a time, so you can edit the text.
Now you have to decide if you want to carefully read through the text and edit it by hand. Or, if it looks overwhelming use Notepad’s find and replace feature to replace the content in your pricing tables.

In the video I used Widows 7 and Notepad.

Ready? Let’s begin
In the widget area, click the down arrow to open the text widget. Look to see if the text widget Title: box contains any text. If it does, type your own title text in here.

  • Place your cursor in the text widget’s Content: box. Press Ctrl + A to select all of the code, then Ctrl + C to copy it.
  • Paste your code into Notepad.

Did you make a backup before you started? At a bare minimum save this Notepad document to use as a backup if needed!

You now have the pricing table code in Notepad.

  • On the homepage of your website, scroll down to the pricing table.
  • Copy ONE LINE of text that you want to change. (Notepad can only find one line at at time.)
  • If the text you want to change looks like a headline, check to see if the text widget has any text in the Title: box. If that’s the text you’re looking for edit the text.
    If not, we’ll use Notepad to change the text.
  • Place your cursor at the VERY beginning of the document.
  • On Notepad’s file menu choose Edit > Replace.
  • Paste the text into Notepad’s Find what: box and type your replacement text in Notepad’s Replace with: box.
  • If the document you’re editing has several instances of your term, such as List Item #1, click Find Next. Then click Replace. Be careful, make sure you do NOT click Replace All!

Notepad has a simpler tool than Replace. It’s called Find

Alternatively you can click Edit > Find. Or Ctrl + F. Notepad will find the text you searched for. You then have to close the find box before you can replace the text manually.

After using Notepad’s Find tool pressing the F3 key will find the next instance of your search term. You can then just type your new text to replace the highlighted text.

Changing button links

The buttons in your pricing table will look something like this…

The HTML button code in a StudioPress theme
The HTML button code in a StudioPress theme

To find the links search for href=
Then just carefully paste your web link BETWEEN the “double-quotes”.
Make sure you do NOT delete the “quote” marks!
To change the button text just search for and replace the text you can see in the button.

Have you downloaded your StudioPress theme yet?