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Simple Social Icons Plugin

Simple Social Icons is a really simple plugin. You can download it from WordPress.org. All you need to do is paste your social media page URLs in the relevant boxes. This plugin is used in most of the StudioPress demo sites. (This is an affiliate link 🙂

Simple Social Icons paste your uri into the box


If you want to style the buttons use the colour picker or paste the hexadecimal color code into the relevant boxes in the Simple Social Icons widget.

Choose the Simple Social Icon colours


You can change the border radius, border color, icon size and alignment if you wish.

Simple Social Icons Size and Border Settings


My advice is…
If you only have a few social media accounts, centre the icons, make them big and change their colour.

To make the icons round increase the icon border radius.

The setting needed to make the Simple Social Icons round will change depending on the icon size setting. If you make your icons bigger you will need to increase the icon border radius pixel size if you want the icons to be round.

Just experiment and see what looks best.

These are the settings you can change in the Simple Social Icons widget…

  • Title: This is the headline above the icons
  • Open links in new window: Yes-No
  • Icon Size: How big the icons appear
  • Icon Border Radius: How rounded the edges are
  • Border Width: Make a coloured border around the icon
  • Alignment: Left, centre or right

A good website to find colour schemes is Adobe Color

You can change the colour of the icon, the background color behind the icon and the border color around the icon.

Adding your own social media links to the Simple Social Icons widget settings…

  • Visit your social media pages such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
  • Copy the URI from the letter box at the top of the page.
  • Paste the URI into the box provided. All of the boxes are clearly labelled.

Copy Your Twitter URI


There are a lot of Social Media accounts to choose from. Scroll all the way down the Simple Social Icons  settings page and paste your URIs in to the correct boxes.

Simple Social Icons paste your uri into the box

Not got your StudioPress theme yet? (Affiliate link 🙂