Philip Gledhill – About me

Hi, I’m Philip Gledhill. From the birth of the Internet I was fascinated by the ability to distribute information for free. I’ve made websites for more than fifteen years.

Philip Gledhill – web designer and WordPress assistant based in Bradford West Yorkshire. You can employ me by the hour, day or week.
Philip Gledhill WordPress assistant
Philip Gledhill WordPress assistant

For most of my working life I worked in the construction industry but the credit crunch gave me some spare time. I had already worked for Macmillan Cancer Support as an e-volunteer working mainly from home on my computer and I enjoyed the work. So I decided to use my free time to learn more about building websites specifically for small and medium sized businesses.

I recently spent a full year updating my web design skills and learning how to use Content Management Systems. My goal was to enable people with limited interest in computers to easily update and maintain their own websites.

You might think that a whole year studying computers would put me off but I just became more enthusiastic.

I now have the skills I need to build and maintain websites using industry standard tools. But the best thing I’ve learned is that after a site is set up using WordPress (a content management system) it’s so easy to use that most people with a few hours training can update and maintain their own site.

I love the idea of individual people being in charge of their own websites and being able to help them reach that goal is my ideal job.

I now work full-time through agencies building websites using the WordPress content management system and helping small and medium sized businesses to update and maintain their own sites.

If you’d like me to help you with your site please contact me.