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Overcoming Objections And Neutralising Fears

You need to overcome every objection. And you need to neutralize every fear that your prospect has about doing business with you.

Is your offer irresistible?

First, make sure you offer something that your prospect wants and needs. Then make sure your prospect gets a good return when they invest in your services. And make it easy for them to justify this investment to their partner, boss or bank manager.

For instance, a Client Winner website is a pretty irresistible offer.

Is your site well written?

Then make sure your website is well written, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Next, make sure you clearly communicate all of the benefits your service delivers. Focus on overcoming objections, as well as using your portfolio to showcase the benefits your prospect needs and wants the most.

Bundle all of this information up into an offer that your prospect finds irresistible. Only now should you start to overcome any objections prospects may have, and to neutralize any fears they may have.

Tools and tactics for overcoming and neutralizing objections

  • Your Value Proposition or USP. Your USP explains why you are best placed to solve your prospect’s problem.
  • Your portfolio. Include a cross-section of client types so every prospect can find someone like themselves.
  • Case studies. Talk about people who had the same problem as your prospect. And how you helped them fix it.
  • Your about us or meet the team page. You want to come across as competent, professional and easy to work with.
  • Testimonials. These prove you have happy clients who gained real value from your work.
  • FAQs. Provide answers to the common questions typical clients ask before they make their decision to buy.
  • Your Prices. Convince them the extra profits they can expect, justify the price they must pay. And make sure they can afford you. You don’t want any nasty surprises.
  • Make it clear you’ve worked with people like them. List the client types you can help.
  • What’s it like to work with us, and what’s the process after you contact us? Take them on a client journey from the first contact to the finished project.
  • Guarantees and risk reversals. Find things you can do, to reduce the amount of risk your prospect is taking?
  • What geographical areas do you cover? If you only cover certain areas, make sure your prospect knows if their location is on your list.

The people who best know what objections your clients have is your frontline staff. These are the people who actually deal, in person with your clients. But what if you’re a freelancer. You must listen to your clients and make sure you understand their situation and discover how your service improves their lives.

Then make sure you add value or provide a service they really want. Make sure they want your service so much that they’re happy to pay you to provide it.

Paint a picture in their mind of…

  • The problem they currently have.
  • Your solution solving that problem.
  • And how nice life will be as a result.

Then link to your portfolio and case studies showing people you’ve helped, and who now have the results you prospects hope to achieve.

Make them think…

It’s not pie in the sky, look it really works. And here’s the proof.

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