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New EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive) – Is your site legal?

The new EU Cookie law is now in effect.

And if you have a business web site you could be affected by it. But don’t panic! See how others are dealing with the new EU cookie law. Many are just adding a text link to their cookies and privacy policy page. See the screen shots from Marks and Spenser, and Tesco below.

Marks and Spenser cookie policy page link

Comet cookie policy page link


Tesco cookie policy page link


Other organisations like Bradford chamber of commerce are adding a pop up box when you visit their sites in an attempt to comply with the new EU cookie law, some of these boxes pester you until you tick them.

Bradford chamber of commerce cookie policy page link


However, before deciding what to do watch this video from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and pay attention at 3 minutes 10 seconds in to the video where he says “It’s difficult to imagine that non-compliance with the cookies rule is ever going to trigger a situation in which we would be able to issue a monetary penalty”. Many people think that you won’t need a pop up box to comply with the new EU cookie law. At least as the law stands in July 2012 (see M&S Tesco and Comet above).


Information Commissioners Office

Comply with the law but don’t lose your hair worrying, this law is not as big a nightmare as first expected.

Take a look at the Cookie Control website.

How I am dealing with New EU cookie law.

I looked at many well established businesses such as the examples above. I found that they are checking their sites to see what cookies they use, adding a page to their sites telling visitors about these cookies and what the cookies are used for. Then they add a text link to their sites saying something like Our cookie policy.
So at the moment, that’s what I’m doing too.

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