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My Services

I build simple, affordable websites for small service businesses.

Click the buttons below to see how I can help you, and to discover the process we go through when we work together.

The web design service I offer.

What is my service? I help smaller service businesses get their first website or update their existing small website. Who is my service for? It’s for smaller service businesses. If…

The process we go through.

What’s the process we go through if we agree to work together? Content first web design. The most important part of any website is the content. And the biggest reason…

How to write content for your website.

Writing your content. To write content for your website, you must know your business and your customers, and you know your business better than anyone. If you pay a fortune…

Tutorials: updating your website.

Most competent computer users can update and maintain their own website. You don’t need any programming or coding skills. But, just like when you first learned to…

How my fixed pricing works.

Building your website is a service, but I sell that service as if it was a product. To keep the cost down, I offer a fixed product at a fixed…

A letter to my customers.

How to Get a Website for Your Small Service Business Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of getting a website? Everyone is. You’re not a web designer, computer programmer, or…

Example websites.

These samples show the type of website you get with my five pages for £250 websites. If you want something more ambitious let me know your needs and I’ll work out a price.

Contact me and get your website started.

If you think my service is a good fit for your needs, get in touch. The sooner you get the ball rolling the sooner you’ll have your shiny new website.