Moving to the new WordPress post editor


In the old post editor you could see the toolbar above the text you were editing. This was like a using word processor.

In the new block editor the toolbar is hidden.

You need to learn two new skills

  • How to put blocks of content in to your post or page.
  • How to format that content once it’s in your page.

But there is one big problem

The options and settings you need are hidden!

When you go to: Dashboard > Posts > Add New

You see

  • Add Title and…
  • Start writing or type / to choose a block

Where it says Add Title, just type your post title.

In the box that says “Start writing or type / to choose a block” you have two options.

If you want to type paragraph text here, just start typing.

If you want to insert one of the common blocks, such as headline or image, type a forward slash into the box and then choose from the options that drop down.

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