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Making a Blog Page using the Genesis Framework

Most StudioPress themes use a widgetized home page. This means that the standard WordPress blog page is missing and you have to make your own blog listing page.

Please NOTE!
Modern StudioPress themes do NOT need a special blog page set through the “Page Attributes” setting (as I show in this tutorial). Use the standard WordPress way of making your blog page.

First make a new web PAGE called blog.

Then go to: Dashboard > Settings > Reading >

Choose: A static page (select below)

Your homepage displays…
Homepage: My Home Page (or whatever you called your homepage)
Posts page: Blog

Don’t forget to add a link to your new blog page from your menu.

This is easy!
First make a new web PAGE called blog or articles etc.
In the WordPress page editor screen go to, Page Attributes and choose a Template type of  Blog.
Then, so your site visitors can find your blog page. Add a link to this new blog listing page to your navigation bar

For more advanced settings. In the dashboard go to…
Genesis → Theme Settings. Then scroll down to the sections labeled Content Archives & Blog Page Template. Adjust the settings to suit your needs.

If you can’t see the page attributes box…
In screen options make sure Page Attributes is ticked & visible.