Mai Reach Theme

Mai Reach theme is a new theme from BizBudding, the people behind the Mai Theme engine.

Mai Reach has many easy to use features that add pizazz to your website and your web pages. For instance there’s the new shapes block. This makes it really simple to add any one of five different shapes to the top or bottom of group blocks on your pages.

The Mai Reach header has a shape option too.

I like this theme so much I made a whole site about it, view it now ->

Post grids

Another great option in Mai Reach is the post grid block. This enables you to add good looking post grids to your page with just a few clicks.

Want to add icons to your page?

Use the icon block. You can add a background color and a shadow to your icons. These look great and and, as with the other features in this theme they are very much in vogue at the moment.

Full width and contained layouts

You can choose a layout that spans the full browser width, or you can have a boxed layout.

Sidebar or no sidebar

Not only can you choose from a sidebar layout or no sidebar layout. If you choose no sidebars you can then choose a wide, standard or narrow post width. That’s just one more way you can customize your posts and pages to look just the way you need them.

This theme is one of the first in a new generation of themes from BizBudding. It uses Mai Engine, this is the next generation of the very popular Mai Theme Engine. Mai Engine (version 2) is being actively developed and each improvement is added to your theme by simply updating the plugin.

If you’re looking for a theme that’s easy to use but has lots of options, Mai Reach could be just what you need.

See the full tutorial