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Icons used in StudioPress themes

There are two types of icons used in StudioPress themes
In this tutorial we are NOT dealing with the Simple Social Icons plugin. We’re just dealing with icons in text widgets, that use HTML code.

Please note!

StudioPress themes will be changing dramatically from June 8th 2021. Please read this updated information about StudioPress themes.

Luckily, changing these icons is easy.

These sites use icon code in text widgets…

You copy and paste the icon code from these two sites…

If your theme uses Dashicons…

  • Copy and paste the FULL code

If your theme uses Ionicons…

  • Copy and paste ONLY the code-with-hyphens

As you can see. Changing these icons is surprisingly easy. Just make sure you go to the right icon website for your theme.

If your site uses Dashicons copy and paste the full code.
If your site uses ionicons just copy and paste the code with hyphens.

This tutorial is about StudioPress themes 🙂