How do I use the different post Format types?

You might have seen the format section in the right hand sidebar of the post editor.

Post Format Types

A theme designer could give a Quote post format type…

  • A brightly coloured background.
  • Remove the post title.
  • Remove the Gravatar and post info text.
  • Increase the font size etc.

There’s not much difference in this theme

In the theme we’re using for these tutorials, Twenty Sixteen, the post format choices don’t have a big effect on the look of the site.

Premium themes often add post format styling

Visit this theme’s blog listing page and scroll down to the orange box. This is an example of a quote post format that has special styling.

Example of a Quote Post Format

The post format options are different for every theme. Experiment with the theme you use and see if it looks any different.

Choose a post format from the list and see if anything changes

If you’re a WordPress beginner just remember that post formats can change the styling of different types of blog posts. All you have to do is choose the relevant post format from the list before you save your blog post.

But don’t be surprised if nothing changes. Many themes do not have any special styling applied to post formats.