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How do I Login and Logout of WordPress?

The best way to Login and Logout of WordPress is to go to your home page such as…

Then add…

…to the URL. you end up with this…

The Login URL for WordPress websites

Login url for WordPress

Now press the enter key on your keyboard and you will be taken to the login page for your website.

The WordPress Login Page

You can place a login link in your sidebar (where everyone can see it!)

If you want to add a login link to the sidebar of your website, where everyone can see it, you can drag the Meta widget into your sidebar widget area.

Another way to add widgets to widget areas is to…

  • Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets
  • Click the Meta widget.
  • Select a widget area.
  • Click the Add Widget button.

Adding the Meta Widget to the Sidebar Widget area…

Adding the Meta Widget to the sidebar widget area in WordPress


The Meta widget will display in the sidebar, like this…

The Meta Widget displaying a login link in the sidebar of your site

If you place the Meta widget in your sidebar make sure you have an especially strong password because your site visitors can see the link and some will try to log in.

Logging Out of WordPress

When you have finished editing a post and want to log out…
Hover your mouse over the Howdy message in the top right of your screen and choose log out from the drop down list.


Logging Out of WordPress…

Logging out of WordPress