How do I add a header image to my site?

In these tutorials we’re using the Twenty Sixteen theme. This is the theme that was bundled with WordPress in the year 2016.

This standard WordPress theme changes every year and is usually named after the year. For instance, previous themes have been named Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen.

Please note!

The Twenty Sixteen theme uses a large header image. Many WordPress themes use a much smaller, logo sized image.

Different themes use different header image sizes

The size of the header image changes on a theme by theme basis. It depends how the web designer, designed the particular theme you are using.


The Header image in the Twenty Sixteen theme

The Header Image in the Twenty Sixteen theme

Using the WordPress Header Image

If your theme has the header image feature, this is how you use it.

Go to Appearance > Customize

Go to Appearance Customize


Click the Header Image button

Click the Header Image button


Different options available in the Header  Image dialogue box

Different options available in the Header Image dialogue box

To add one header image to your entire site

Go to…

  • Dashboard > Appearance > Customise
  • In the Customizer, choose Header Image.
  • Read the instructions. Pay special attention to the recommended image size.
  • Make and then upload an image that is EXACTLY the size recommended for your theme.
  • Always remember to click Save & Publish, then click the X to close the dialogue.

That puts one header image at the top of your website, but you have more options…

  • After you have uploaded an image you see a new button that says Hide Image. If you change your mind and want to remove the image, click the Hide Image button.
  • If you have uploaded several header images and only want to use one, click to select that particular image. A blue border will appear round the image that is currently being used.
  • To remove an image from the list, hover over the image, then click the X.

Randomly show different header images on different pages of your site

  • You can upload several Header Images, all at the recommended size, and let WordPress randomly show the different images as the visitor views different pages of your site. To do this you must click the button that says, Randomise uploaded headers.