How to write content for your website.

Writing your content.

To write content for your website, you must know your business and your customers, and you know your business better than anyone. If you pay a fortune to a content writer or copywriter, you still must tell them about your business.

But most service business owners don’t know what to say on their website. So, content creation holds them back.

I provide a writing guide.

To overcome this problem, I’ve written guides that help you gather the content for your main web pages.

  • Home.
  • About.
  • Services.
  • And Contact.

I’ve also provided a reusable template for your portfolio pages. So, you can write a new portfolio page every time you complete a job. This showcases your work to your customers and helps you rank better in Google.

Using my guides to write your content simplifies the process. I explain on my process we go through page. I’ve also written a more general guide to writing content.

Read the instructions.

First, you read a short set of instructions about writing that specific page type. For instance, I call one of my guides how to write your services page.

View an example.

Then you look at an example of a services page. The example text is on the left. Helpful tips are on the right.

Fill in the blanks.

Finally, you download a template and fill in the blanks. I’ve made fill in the blanks templates for each page type, home, about, services, and contact.

By filling in the blanks, you ensure you include all the information your starter website needs.

What if you really don’t want to write your own content?

I offer an additional content writing service for an extra fee. You still must fill in the blanks, so I know what your service is, what areas you cover, and who your customers are, etc.

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