How do I write a post without publishing it yet?

When you write a new post in WordPress you have the option of publishing it immediately or saving the post or page as a draft.

When you are writing your post on your PC. Look to the right of your post editor. The top option should be Publish.

If the box is not open, click the down arrow to open the dialogue box.

The three big buttons allow you to…

  • Save a draft copy of your post or page.
  • Preview your post or page, to see how it looks to your site visitors.
  • Publish the post or page.

When your post or page is ready to be published, just click the big blue Publish button.

You can publish your post or save it as a draft

To un-publish a post and turn it back into a draft…

Click the option that says edit…
Status: Published Edit

Edit a published post's status

Then choose…

  • Draft from the drop down.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Update.

Your published post is now turned back into a draft post. Site visitors can no longer see it.

To publish your post or page so the whole world can see it, just click the big blue Publish button.

You can choose draft or published from the drop down box

The Visibility and Revision options…

The visibility option lets you password protect posts. The revision option lets you revert back to a previously saved version of your post.