How do I make Google friendly web page links?

When you first install WordPress you might find that your website’s posts and pages have url’s like this…

WordPress calls these web page links Permalinks

These strange looking post links work perfectly well. But it’s not easy for Google to understand what your page or post is about.

If your URL looked like this…

It would be much easier for Google and your site visitors to guess what the page or post was about.

WordPress URL using “Page Name” Permalink structure

Using Post Title Permalinks

WordPress calls these page links “Permalinks”. You can choose between several different types of Permalinks.

For instance you can include the date the post was published in the link…

Experts recommend the Post Name option

Most SEO and usability experts recommend that you use the “Post Name” option. This just adds the post title to the website name like this…

Setting the permalinks to Post Name

Permalink Settings in WordPress