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Homepage Headline and Subheading for a Service Business

The headline and sub-headline of your homepage should state…

  • This is what I do
  • These are the people I help
  • My clients have this problem
  • And this is the end result they get from my services

It’s also a good idea to hint at the size of your business. If you’re a one-man band, you might be cheaper than an agency. If you’re an agency you might cost more but have dedicated experts in several areas. Such as web design, copywriting, SEO and pay per click advertising.

This is a simple example of a service business headline and sub heading…

Do you need to drive more traffic to your website?

I help small businesses to get listed on the first page of Google, and to win more clients.

Heading and Subheading for a Client Winner website
Heading and Subheading for a Client Winner website

In two short sentences, you’ve discovered if you’re in the right place or not. If you’re a small business and you want to get listed on page one of Google, you’re in the right place.

You don’t need to list everything you do, in your homepage headline. You need to convince the reader that they’re on the right scent trail. That it’s worth sticking around. Make them curious to find out more about this website and the business behind it.

Make them think “this looks interesting, I’ll read some more”.

The 5-second test

Show someone your homepage for 5 seconds. Then ask them if they can tell you…

  • What is the site called, could you find it again?
  • What problem does the site solve, what service does the site offer?
  • Who would the site be useful for?

If they answer correctly, you can move on to building the rest of your homepage.

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