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Before Header and Genesis eNews Extended colors in Foodie Pro

We are dealing with ACTION not Accent.

The names of these two settings in Foodie Pro are confusingly similar. I’m not sure why.


In this video we will change the colors of the top bar and the colors of the eNews mailing list sign up box, wherever it’s displayed.

But! Please note. Foodie Pro has settings for…

  • Action and
  • Accent

We are dealing with ACTION

Go to…
Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > colors

Foodie Pro has a widget area that spans the full width of the top of the site. This is often used to place a newsletter sign up box or some other prominent call to action.

For instance you could place a link to your product page here. Or if you are selling a course you could advertise your sign up page here.

The background color for this top bar is referred to as the Action Background color.

Action Text color

This changes the headlines and paragraph text in the Before Header widget area of Foodie Pro. It also changes the headline and paragraph text in the Genesis eNews Extended widget, wherever it is used.

In the Action settings we can change the background, text and button colors. See the list below.

  • Action Background color
  • Action Text color
  • Button color
  • Button Hover color
  • Button Text color
  • Button Hover Text color
Foodie Pro Text Colors.