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Getting Google Fonts code for a Genesis child theme

In this video and tutorial I’m going to show you how I got the Google Fonts code I needed to change the fonts that are used in the Parallax Pro theme.

Parallax Pro Theme

First choose your fonts

There are hundreds of Google fonts available. Luckily Rafal Tomal, the designer at CopyBlogger, has made a free eBook with 25 of his favorite font combinations at…
You have to sign up to the email list to get this free mini eBook.

After choosing two fonts I went to Google Fonts…

and typed in…
Searching for a font on Google Fonts
I’m going to use Lato font for everything except the .entry-title font. Entry Title is the main title of blog posts and web pages.

  • First I type my font name
  • Then I click the font
  • I choose the Add to Collection button
  • My first font is now selected
  • I type the second font name
  • Click to select the font, Josefin Slab
  • Add to Collection
  • Click the USE button
  • I use the tick boxes to choose weights
  • Scroll down and copy the 3 lines of code

Add font to collection

The “Use” button is in the bottom left corner

The Google Fonts Use button

Copy this code from the Google Fonts dialogue boxes.


You now have the Google Fonts code. In the next video I’ll show you how I added this code to Parallax Pro.
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