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Genesis Simple FAQ plugin: Making a single FAQ list

Condensed instructions for WordPress power users

Install the plugin. Go to Dashboard > Simple FAQs > Add new. Then use this shortcode [gs_faq] to display the FAQs.

This is what the Genesis FAQ looks like using the sample theme. The styling will be different depending on the specific theme you use.

Genesis FAQ Plugin Screenshot
Genesis FAQ Plugin Screenshot

In this first tutorial I explain how to make one simple FAQ list using the basic Genesis Simple FAQ shortcode

In this set of tutorials I’m using the Genesis Simple FAQ plugin for The Genesis Framework

Genesis Simple FAQs are custom post types

Genesis FAQ question answer and categories
Genesis FAQ question answer and categories


Go to Dashboard > Simple FAQs > Add New

  1. The question is the post title
  2. The answer is the post content
  3. You can use FAQ categories to organise your FAQ lists

Making a single FAQ question and answer is a similar process to making a blog post. So to make a list of 5 questions, you’ll make 5 independant FAQs.

After you install the Genesis Simple FAQs plugin, you’ll see a new Simple FAQs tab in the Dashboard.

Go to Dashboard > Simple FAQs

The Dashboard Tabs for the Genesis FAQ plugin
The Dashboard Tabs for the Genesis FAQ plugin
  1. All FAQs: All of the FAQs that you’ve made are displayed here
  2. Add New: To make a new FAQ question, click the Add New tab
  3. Categories: To make an FAQ category, click the Categories tab

Faq categories are independent of your main WordPress post categories.

Some important points…

  • Although you display FAQs in what appears to be a list or stack, you make each FAQ question individually, as if it was a tiny blog post.
  • Each FAQ has the same formatting and image options as a blog post.
  • If you want to display more than one FAQ list on your site, organise your FAQ questions into FAQ categories. This makes building FAQ lists much easier.

The shortcode

To display all available FAQs in any post or page use this basic shortcode…


Next tutorial: – FAQ categories