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Genesis eNews Extended and Mailchimp

How to set up a Mailchimp newsletter sign up box in a StudioPress theme.

Please Note! You now need to include the https:// part of your mail chimp code when you paste your code into the eNews Extended plugin.
Genesis eNews Extended and Mailchimp

Setting up Genesis eNews Extended and Mailchimp – a video tutorial with screen shots

New to Mailchimp?, watch Mailchimp’s video tutorials >

First we’ll install the Genesis eNews Extended plugin.

In the WordPress Dashboard go to…

  • Plugins > Add New
  • Search for Genesis eNews Extended plugin (By Brandon Kraft)
  • Install AND activate the plugin

Now go to…

  • Appearance > Widgets
  • Drag Genesis – eNews Extended widget, into the Primary Sidebar widget area
  • If you can’t see the widget options, click the down arrow to expand the widget

Type a…

  • Title: (Get weekly tips, tricks and advice)
  • Text To Show Before Form: (When you subscribe to my newsletter you get weekly tips, tricks and advice to help you set up your StudioPress site!)
  • E-Mail Field: EMAIL
  • First Name Field: FNAME
  • Last Name Field: LNAME

These four fields should be automatically filled in. If not fill them in.

  • First Name Input Text: First Name
  • Last Name Input Text: Last Name
  • E-Mail Input Text: E-Mail Address
  • Button Text: Go

SAVE your changes.

Now open your MailChimp account and…

  • Choose Lists from the left hand sidebar
  • Create a new list or choose a list you have already made
  • Click Signup forms in the top navigation bar
  • Choose Embedded Forms
  • Now look for the block of computer code beneath Copy/paste into your site
  • Click the code to select it, CTRL + C to copy the code
  • Paste the code into a PLAIN TEXT editor, such as Notepad ++
  • search the code to find, form action=”…”
  • Copy the code between the quote marks

Go to…

  • Appearance > Widgets > Primary Sidebar > Genesis eNews Extended

Find the…

  • Form Action: box
  • Paste the small section of code you copied from the MailChimp code block in here

Scroll to the bottom of the Genesis eNews Extended widget, and save your settings.

You should now have a working sign up box in your sidebar.

Genesis eNews Extended and Mailchimp make a great combination. If you’re running a WordPress site with a StudioPress theme I highly recommend giving Genesis eNews Extended and Mailchimp a try.

Genesis eNews Extended and Mailchimp