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Genesis Dambuster plugin basic settings

If you have the latest version of Genesis and a modern theme, you won’t need this plugin. A full width page option is now built into Genesis.

Genesis Dambuster plugin makes your page full width and removes selected elements from your page, such as the post title or the navbar.

The important facts…

Your page can only span the width of the theme you’re using. If you’re using a boxed theme, Genesis Dambuster will NOT make your pages span the whole browser window.

Dambuster has three lots of settings. Dashboard settings, individual page settings and layout settings (with or without sidebars).

People often use the Dambuster plugin with the Beaver Builder plugin. There is also a free version of Beaver Builder.

Some basic Dambuster settings to get you started…

Genesis Dambuster universal settings

After you install and activate Genesis Dambuster, go to Dashboard > Genesis > Dambuster.

Dashboard Genesis Dambuster universal settings


You now see the Genesis Dambuster default settings dialogue

Start with Default Template Tweaks and work through each tab. The Template Width, Full Width Page tab makes the page span full width of your theme.

Ticking the boxes under the other tabs removes that element from pages that use Dambuster.

Beaver Builder default settings

The control Panel section enables Genesis Dambuster on custom post types such as WooCommerce Products pages. Your site may or may not have Custom Post Types depending on the theme and plugins you use.

Genesis Dambuster individual page settings

You choose on a page by page basis whether or not to activate Dambuster on that page.

To activate Dambuster on any individual page…

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page editor.
  • Look for the Genesis Dambuster section.
  • Click the tabs one at a time.
  • Read the information and hover over the question mark icons.
  • You will want to click the first two tick-boxes, Enable Tweaks and Full Width Page.

Read through all of the other options and tick the boxes if you want to remove that particular element from the page you are currently building.

Genesis Dambuster enable tweaks


Genesis Dambuster full width content

Genesis Layout settings

You’ll also want to select the full width option in the Genesis Layout Options box.

Genesis Layout Settings full width

A quick recap of the Genesis Dambuster settings…

  • Universal settings are in Dashboard > Genesis > Dambuster.
  • Page settings are at the bottom of the WordPress page editor.
  • Also select the Full Width option in the Genesis Layout settings in the WordPress page editor.

Most people use Genesis Dambuster in conjunction with the Beaver Builder plugin (Beaver Builder is also available in a free or lite version).