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Footer and Recipe Top background colors in Foodie Pro

This tutorial is about the Recipe Top and the Footer widget areas, in Foodie Pro.

I will show you how to change the background color and the paragraph text color in these two widget areas.


Foodie Pro calls Recipe Top and the Footer, Accent

There are two big blocks of color that you can easily change in Foodie Pro.

We dealt with the Action area in a previous video

Action referrers to a call to action. So it’s easy to remember that Action Background Color is the background color of the main call to action box. This displays at the very top of the site. Action also refers to the eNews widget which is another obvious call to action.

Accent is not so easy to understand

Foodie Pro refers to two areas as Accent. The…

  • Recipes Top widget area. And the…
  • Footer block, containing Footer 1, 2, 3 and 4 widget areas.

To change the Accent background and text colors in Foodie Pro. Go to…

Appearance > Customize > Colors


  • Accent Background Color
  • Accent Text Color

And change the colors.

Accent colours Foodie Pro

So far this is easy. But you’ll notice the color of paragraph text has changed but the color of the headings and links in these two areas has not changed.

You need a simple copy and paste code snippet to change those. I’ll show you how to do that in another Foodie Pro video.