Foodie Pro Overview

Foodie Pro: Customizing Your Theme

In this video and tutorial I’m going to show you how I set up Foodie Pro to look like this…

P.S. If you’re new to WordPress check out my basic tutorials.

Customizing Foodie Pro Theme

To follow along you’ll need basic WordPress skills.

What will you be able to do after watching this tutorial?

  • Logo: Add an image logo to the header.
  • Main bg color: Change the main background color of the site.
  • Navbar: Change the color of the navigation bar text and borders.
  • Mailing List: Change the color of the Top Bar and the mailing list sign up box.
  • Footer bg: Change the color of the Footer background and the Recipe Top widget area background.
  • Fonts: Choose the font style, size and font color.
  • Links: Choose the color of text links.
  • Grid Layouts: Use several different grid style layouts on the front page, using photos.

I did most of this using the Foodie Pro point and click settings.

But there were a few things I need to use code for. I’ll provide the code snippets I used so you can use them on your site too, if you wish.

This is a list of changes I needed code for…

  • Add a margin between the top bar (Before Header Widget Area) and the main website.
  • Change the colors of the Widget Titles in the Footer and Recipe Widget Areas.
  • Change the background color of the drop down link in the main navigation bar.

I changed everything else using Foodie Pro’s built in Point and Click Customize options.