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Have you seen Genesis Pro by StudioPress yet?

Genesis Pro by StudioPress includes 10 StudioPress made themes, 26 full page layouts, 56 pre-built page sections, and it’s optimized for the block editor. Take a look at my review and see what you think. It really can boost your productivity.

Specific themes

This category contains information, tutorials and blog posts about specific Genesis child themes.

Widgets, Plugins and Setup Tips

Once you’ve setup your theme you can use these tips to add extra features and functionality to your site.

Advanced tips and third party plugins

Posts about more advanced Genesis topics and some of the third party plugins you might want to use.

The Genesis Newbie

When I started using The Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes, there were a few things I didn’t understand. I made a note of them and documented what I learned. I made these Genesis Framework and StudioPress tutorials to help you get your site set up with an even shorter learning curve than I had.

StudioPress Setup Wizard

You can set up your StudioPress theme in a fraction of the time it would normally take if you use the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin.

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

This WordPress Tutorial for Beginners is a step by step guide designed for the complete novice. I assume you can use a computer because you’ve found my website. But that’s all I assume. This tutorial uses the WordPress Classic Editor. Not Gutenberg.

Best StudioPress theme for WooCommerce?

Are you struggling to find the best StudioPress theme for WooCommerce? Many StudioPress themes are pre-styled for WooCommerce. If you want the power, security and flexibility of Genesis this is great news.

Resources and Tools of The Trade

I’ve used all of the products I list on this page, found them useful and believe the product I got was more than worth the price I paid.

Creating Website Content For A Service Business

This 5 minute guide is a brief overview of my Client Winner content writing system. I’ve written more in-depth guides for each element you need on your site and your homepage. You can find those links in the sidebar.

Mai Themes Are Different!

Please note! There are now two types of Mai Theme and they work in different ways. Some use Mai Theme Engine (version 1) and some use Mai Engine (version 2). Mai Themes are a recent addition to the StudioPress offering. Mai Themes have many more options than the average StudioPress child theme. Mai Themes work in a different way. Mai Theme 1 have a page template called Sections, and they have many shortcodes that enable you to build grids and column layouts. Mai Theme 2 is much easier to use. I’ve been experimenting with Mai Themes and at the moment, you can see my test pages here.

Gutenberg Tutorials

Gutenberg is a new post editor for WordPress. It gives you much more control over the look of your web pages and blog posts. But because Gutenberg is so new, not all themes get the full advantage of the new layout blocks provided by Gutenberg. If you’re building a new website, or you know your theme is fully compatible with Gutenberg, give it a try. It really is good. If your theme is older and not able to deliver all of the benefits that Gutenberg brings, you might decide to stick with the classic editor for now. As always with such a big change, test on a backup of your site first, if at all possible.

After Your Site is Built

If you have a brand new site built by me, or you paid a web designer to build your site. You’ll need to know how to add your own blog posts to that site. This tutorial gets you up and running fast.

Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks is a page builder plugin for the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg). You can build rows and columns using Genesis Blocks plugin. Genesis Blocks plugin includes full web page templates and individual page sections. You can apply these templates to your own web pages with one click.

Genesis Blocks plugin works with most themes, not just Genesis.

Atomic Blocks! (Replaced by Genesis Blocks)

I have built a whole website about the Atomic Blocks plugin. If you’re using one of the StudioPress themes that have been re released for the Gutenberg block editor with block based home pages. this site will be useful to you. (Atomic Blocks has been replaced by Genesis Blocks.)