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Displaying Genesis Simple FAQs in widget areas

When you install the Genesis FAQ plugin, a new FAQ widget is added to…

  • Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets

This tutorial shows you how to use that Genesis FAQ widget to add a list of frequently asked questions to any widget area.

To use the FAQ widget, you don’t have to use a shortcode. Just drag the widget into any widget area that is available in your theme. Different themes have different widget area layouts and configurations available.

Options available for the Genesis FAQ widget include…

The Genesis Simple FAQ Widget
The Genesis Simple FAQ Widget
  1. Widget title: displays above the list of FAQs
  2. FAQ limit: 5 will display 5 FAQs, -1 will display all available FAQs etc
  3. Choose a category: if you’ve organised your FAQs into categories, you can display all FAQs from all categories or display just one specific category from the drop down list

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