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Deliver a Clear and Simple Message to Google and to Your Clients

What are we aiming at?

I want you to get off the fence. I want you to understand that getting your own website is not “Pie in The Sky”. You can have your own website soon. If you focus on delivering the clear easy to understand message your clients need to hear.

When asked, “how do you feel about building your website, and writing the content”. Many small business owners give this answer…

“I generally feel overwhelmed and have no idea of what I’m doing.”

If you feel like that too, I have good news…

You don’t need to be creative

One of my favorite copywriters says your words should be enchanting. Others say your sales pitch should be creative, beguiling, hypnotic or even Shakespearean. That advice might work OK for a multinational fashion brand with a massive budget.

But for your small or freelance business, you need a clean and simple website. And your words need to deliver a clear and simple message.

Shouldn’t you be creative? No, not in your website design and not in your website text.

Google and your clients like clarity

The two most important visitors to your website are Googlebot and prospective clients. They both prefer a clean and simple website that delivers a clear and simple message.

Even if you’re an artist, your visitors would prefer your site to be easy to use. Make your site easy to navigate. Then explain who needs your services and how they’ll be better off after you’ve done your work.

Tools of the trade

A tradesman uses different tools to do different jobs. For instance, to chop a mortise he uses a mallet and a mortise chisel. To make a tenon he uses a tenon saw.

The tools you will use

As you build your website, you’ll use different tools to do different jobs.

  • To prove your trustworthiness use testimonials, client logos, guarantees, and your portfolio.
  • To get your site visitors to join your mailing list you’ll use free stuff, a bribe to subscribe, or a lead magnet.
  • To reduce the amount of time you spend answering presale questions, you’ll use your website’s FAQ section.

If you keep it simple, writing your content is no longer overwhelming. The whole process is much easier.

Don’t overthink it

The important point is that if you overthink this, you’ll get bogged down in a great big mess of confusion. But if you keep it simple, you’ll build your website at double speed.

You could remove some of the hassles by getting Client Winner to set up a simple WordPress website for you.

How do you write your content?

Imagine you’re talking to a friend and telling them about your business. Tell them who you help and explain how your clients are better off after you’ve done your work.

The trick is to keep your web design and the words you use as simple as you can while still looking professional.

If you do that, you’ll amaze yourself how easy it is to build your own website that promotes your business.

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