Customizing Widget area settings for Parallax Pro

First set up a new WordPress site as described in my basic set up tutorial. Then watch this video to learn how to customize the content of your new site.

The most important points from the video are…

There are six widget areas on the front page.

Customizing Home Section 1, 2 and 3

Home Section 1, 2 and 3 contain one text widget each. The text widgets have a title and a paragraph of text. Below the text is a line of HTML code that forms the button.


Edit the text widgets in Parallax Pro theme

You can link the button to any web page. Just copy the URL of your chosen web page and paste it in to the button code, replacing the # sign. Do not delete or remove the two “double quote” symbols.

To change the button text, carefully change the text that says Continue Reading. Make sure you do not delete or remove the two >angle< brackets surrounding the text.

Remove the # and paste your web page link in it’s place.


StudioPress Button Text

Replace Continue Reading with the text you want to appear in your button.

Customizing the Pricing Table

Carefully change the text inside the HTML of Home Section 4. The pricing table.

The most important points are, don’t accidentally remove any of the >angle< brackets when you’re changing the text. And replace the # sign with the URL you want the button to link to. But make sure you don’t remove the double “quote” marks, just the # sign.


Carefully change the text inside the HTML of Home Section 4. The pricing table.

Home Section 5: Simple Social Icons

Open Home Section 5 widget area and you will see there are two widgets in this widget area.

The top widget is a text widget. This contains the large title and one sentence of text.

The second widget is the Simple Social Icons widget.

Open the Simple Social Icons widget and replace the # signs with your own social media URLs.

You find the URLs you need by visiting your Twitter, Facebook etc. homepages and copying the URLs. For instance your twitter home page URL wolud look something like this…

Don’t forget to remove the # signs, I just put those in to make the plugin display the icons in the demo setup.


Adding simple social icons to your site

You might not want to use the email address button if you’re concerned about spam. But if you do want to add your email link you must add a bit of extra code just before your email address.  In the Email URI box, put mailto: immediately before your email address.

Footer 1: the big bold call to action box

Edit the text widget in this widget area in in just the same way as you edited Home Section 1, 2 and 3.

Just change the headline, paragraph text and add a web page URL to the button code.

Activating the navigation bar

The import file for the ready made web pages has a navbar built in. All you have to do is activate it.


Parallax Pro menu manage locations

That’s it. Your basic site is set up!

Add your own content to the web pages and you’ve got a fully functioning website.