Customizing Widget area settings for Magazine Pro

First set up a new WordPress site as described in my basic set up tutorial. Then watch this video to learn how to customize the content of your new site.

The most important points from the video are…

The content area of the home page

The main section of the Magazine Pro home page is built using Home-Top, Home-Middle and Home-Bottom widget areas. All three of these widget areas contain one instance of the Genesis Featured Posts widget.

Magazine Pro home page content area contains three Genesis Featured Posts widgets

Each of these three widget areas contains one instance of the Genesis Featured Post widget…


  • Home-Top – contains the Genesis Featured Post widget
  • Home-Middle – contains the Genesis Featured Post widget
  • and Home-Bottom – contains the Genesis Featured Post widget

The settings in these three widget areas are slightly different.


  • Home-Top – has the headline of Featured Story. And displays the category of Fashion. Home-Top displays one post.
  • Home-Middle – has the headline of Travel. And displays the category of Travel. Home-Middle displays two posts.
  • Home-Bottom – has the headline of Lifestyle. And displays the category of Lifestyle. Home-Bottom displays three posts.

Changing the Genesis Featured Posts settings

You may want to change the Widget Title: this changes the text in the black bars. And change the Category: this changes which posts are displayed.

  • Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets.
  • Open the home top, middle or bottom widget area by clicking the little triangle.
  • Inside the widget area you will find the Genesis Featured Posts widget. Click the little triangle to expand or open the widget displaying it’s settings.
  • Change the text in the Title: box.
  • Changing the category changes the post or posts that will be displayed in that widget area. You do this by choosing your own category from the Category: drop down list. The most recent post or posts from that category will be displayed.

Magazine Pro home top widget area settings

Other settings that you do NOT need to change…

  • Home-Top widget area displays a large featured image and 310 characters of text.
  • Home-Middle widget area displays a medium sized featured, image and 145 characters of text.
  • Home-Bottom widget area displays a small featured image and 215 characters of text.

Other widget areas and what they do

Magazine pro has some other widget areas. Content you place in these other widget areas will appear on all posts and pages of your site, with a few exceptions.

The other widget areas are…

  • Header Right
  • Primary and Secondary sidebars
  • Footers 1, 2 and 3
  • After Entry widget area

Some exceptions include…

  • After Entry widget area only displays below single blog posts. After Entry widget area  does not display on pages.
  • When you add a new page to your site you can choose weather or not that page has sidebars. Scroll down the WordPress page editor to Layout Settings. (Please note, some StudioPress themes are designed without any sidebars.)
  • The Landing Page template only displays the page content. No widget areas display when you choose the Landing Page template.

With a basic installation of WordPress you will have at least a dozen widgets that you could put in your sidebars and footer widget areas. Setting up each and every WordPress widget is far beyond the scope of this tutorial. However there are two important widgets that you need to know about.

Header Right widget area

In the StudioPress demo site for Magazine Pro, Header Right contains a graphic that could be used as a banner ad.

The easiest way to do this on your site is…

  • Make a new post or page but save it as a Draft. Don’t publish it.
  • Place an image inside that page using the Add Media button in the WordPress editor.
  • Click the text view tab in the WordPress editor. Then copy the HTML code and paste the code it into a text widget in the Header Right widget area. Do not try paste the actual image, you must paste the code.

If your site doesn’t need a banner ad, the Header Right widget area is the perfect place to put a search widget. You might also consider putting a custom menu widget in the Header Right widget area.

The Genesis eNews Extended plugin

If you used my Widget Importer & Exporter .wie set up file to set up your site, eNews Extended widget is already in your sidebar.

You only need to make a few minor tweaks to the settings…

  • Go to Appearance > Widgets > Primary Sidebar.
  • Click the down arrow to open the Genesis eNews Extended widget and display it’s settings.
  • Change the Title: and Text To Show Before Form:
  • Change the Form Action: clear or remove any characters or text in this box and add your own code from MailChimp etc.

Setting up the eNews Extended plugin is way beyond the scope of this tutorial but I have made a comprehensive tutorial that explains the whole process.

Setting up eNews Extended plugin

Magazine Pro eNews Extended MailChimp settings

The image below shows all widget areas that appear on  Magazine Pro’s home page

All widget areas on Magazine Pro's home page

Magazine Pro is a great theme for a magazine or blog style website. But with a bit of tweaking of the settings you could use this theme for most types of site.

This is one of my favorite StudioPress themes.