Customizing Widget area settings for Executive Pro

First set up a new WordPress site as described in my basic set up tutorial. Then watch this video to learn how to customize the content of your new site.

The most important points from the video are…

The menu is in the Header Right widget area

You add menus to most WordPress themes by going to Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations.

But in Executive Pro you place a Custom Menu widget in the Header Right widget area. Then you chose the menu you want to use form the drop down list. The StudioPress demo site used the menu called Primary Navigation.

Executive Pro places the menu in the Header Right widget area

Executive Pro Header Right widget area settings

The primary sidebar contains the Genesis eNews Extended newsletter plugin, widget

This plugin makes a nice clean unmissable sign up box for your newsletter. I’ve made a comprehensive video about this.

However, if you’re using MailChimp the widget is almost ready to use. Just add your MailChimp code in the Form Action: box.

The Primary sidebar in Executive Pro theme

The three widgets in Executive Pro primary sidebar

The Home Slider widget area uses the Genesis Responsive Slider

If you’ve used the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin to set up your site, the slider is almost set up.

In your WordPress Dashboard go to Genesis > Slider Settings. Click the big blue Save Settings button and the slider should work.

Genesis Responsive Slider

Genesis Responsive Slider widget

The Home Top widget area

This contains three instances of the Genesis Featured Page widget.

If you used the Widget Importer the settings are all configured. However, you might want to choose three of your own pages to display in this area. Just select any page from your site using the drop down list.

Executive Pro Home Tpo widget area contains three Genesis Featured Page widgets

Choose the pages to display using the drop down list

The Call to Action widget

The Home Call to Action widget area contains a text widget.

The text widget contains a paragraph of text and a button. Genesis Column Classes (CSS) are used to divide the text widget in to one wide and one narrow column.

The paragraph of text occupies three quarters of the widget area width and the button occupies one quarter of the widget area width.

The button is made from a link with two CSS classes. The classes are button and alignright.

Genesis Column Classes are used to place the text on the left and the button on the right of the call to action widget area.

The Call To Action banner

To make the button work in the call to action section. Replace the # sign with any web page URL.

Be careful not to delete the double “quotes” surrounding the #.

Put any web page URL in here

The Home Middle

This widget area contains three more instances of the Genesis Featured Page widget

The settings for Home Middle widget area are the same as Home Top widget area. The only difference is the pages that are displayed using the Page: drop down list.

The Home Middle widget area contains three Genesis Featured Page Widgets

Choose the page to display in each widget

The Footer Widgets

The three footer widget areas contain text, recent posts, search and tag widgets. But you could put whichever widgets you choose in here.

Executive Pro footer widget areas

Footer 1

Footer 2

Footer 3

After Entry widget area

If you use the After entry widget area it’s contents will display after single posts.