Twenty Twenty Theme: a great choice for service professionals

Twenty Twenty theme is free and provided by the WordPress team. If you need a free theme for your service business website. It could be just what you’re looking for. There is a website all about Twenty Twenty at… Twenty Twenty Can Twenty Twenty theme deliver what you, as a service business owner, want … Read more

Gutenberg Post Editor | The Basics

With WordPress 5 you now have the choice to use the new Gutenberg post editor. In this video I explain briefly how to use this new post editor.

Contact Form 7 Tutorial – A Simple Guide For New Users

Contact Form 7 is much more powerful than most of the free form plugins but, Contact Form 7 is not drag and drop. However, once you learn a few basic principles, Contact Form 7 is surprisingly easy to use. Using Contact Form 7 Setting up email in Contact Form 7 To make a really simple … Read more

Optimizing images for the web using Pixlr

You can optimize your images for the web and make them load faster using Pixlr. The websites mentioned in this tutorial are Unsplash and Pixlr. In this tutorial I will be finding images on Unsplash and optimizing images for the web using Pixlr If you develop sites for clients there’s a good chance those clients … Read more

How do I Login and Logout of WordPress?

The best way to Login and Logout of WordPress is to go to your home page such as… Then add… /wp-admin …to the URL. you end up with this… The Login URL for WordPress websites Now press the enter key on your keyboard and you will be taken to the login page for … Read more

How do I change the Site Title and Tagline?

WordPress makes it easy for you to display your Site Title and tagline prominently at the top of your site. And you can change the site title and tagline with just a few clicks. Usually the Site Title and Tagline appear in the top left corner of the site. Some themes, or WordPress designs, display the … Read more

How do I change the look or design of my WordPress website?

How do I do this? In the WordPress dashboard go to… Appearance > Themes. At the top of the page look for a button that says Add New. When you click the Add New button you see a grid of themes that WordPress have tested and recommend. Use the buttons in the top navigation bar to … Read more

How do I make Google friendly web page links?

When you first install WordPress you might find that your website’s posts and pages have url’s like this… WordPress calls these web page links Permalinks These strange looking post links work perfectly well. But it’s not easy for Google to understand what your page or post is about. If your URL looked like this… It … Read more

The images I used in the tutorials

The images on this page came from I cropped, re-sized, optimized and edited the images to use in the tutorials. Before you use these images in your own practice sites please read the licence on the Mimimogrphy site. I do not own these images Minimography own the images. So please read the licence before you use the images. … Read more

How do I make WordPress web pages and blog posts?

A quick guide to making WordPress web pages and blog posts. Gutenberg the NEW Block Editor If you’re using the new WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), you’ll find these extra tutorials useful LEARN THE BLOCK EDITOR. Hover over + New in the top bar and choose Post or Page. Use the word processor type screen to type in … Read more

How do I write a post without publishing it yet?

When you write a new post in WordPress you have the option of publishing it immediately or saving the post or page as a draft. When you are writing your post on your PC. Look to the right of your post editor. The top option should be Publish. If the box is not open, click the down … Read more

How do I add a header image to my site?

In these tutorials we’re using the Twenty Sixteen theme. This is the theme that was bundled with WordPress in the year 2016. This standard WordPress theme changes every year and is usually named after the year. For instance, previous themes have been named Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen. Please note! The Twenty Sixteen theme uses a large header … Read more

How do I add fancy featured images to my WordPress website?

Many WordPress sites display featured images at the very top of the post. Your theme may also automatically display featured images on your site’s front page and in blog listing pages etc. These featured images can really brighten up your posts, blog listing pages and front page. The images in the theme below are featured images. How … Read more

How do I make a navigation bar?

Most WordPress themes have a navigation bar that runs across the top of the site. Some themes such as Twenty Fourteen have a navigation bar down the left or right hand side of the site. To create a new navigation bar or menu In the WordPress Dashboard. Go to… Appearance > Menus Click the text link, near … Read more

How do I enable or disable comments on my website?

Dealing with Comment Spam (watch this, it’s important!) WordPress websites have a feature called comments. This allows your site visitors to type their own comment below your blog post or web page. Site visitors become part of the conversation Comments can be a great way for you to interact with your site visitors. By adding … Read more

How do I put content in the sidebar or footer of my website?

Most WordPress themes have a sidebar. Many also have content areas at the bottom of the site called Footers. The Twenty Sixteen theme with sidebar and footer In WordPress, sidebars and footers are called Widget Areas. To put content into a widget area you go to… Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets The widgets page is … Read more

How do I change the look of my blog listing pages?

We’re using the Twenty Sixteen theme for these tutorials. In this theme, if you add featured images to your posts, they are always displayed on your blog listings pages. This is the way blog listings pages display The post title. Post info (post date and category etc.) Excerpt, if used. The featured image. The full content of … Read more

How do I add image galleries, sliders and forms to my site?

The two main add ons for WordPress are themes and plugins… Themes change the look or design of your website. Plugins add extra functionality to your site For instance, to add a contact form to your website you would use a plugin. Or to add an e-commerce shop to your site you could use a … Read more

How do I use the different post Format types?

You might have seen the format section in the right hand sidebar of the post editor. A theme designer could give a Quote post format type… A brightly coloured background. Remove the post title. Remove the Gravatar and post info text. Increase the font size etc. There’s not much difference in this theme In the theme we’re using for these … Read more

How do I organize my content using categories and tags?

This is a condensed version of the post below. WordPress websites have web pages and blog posts. Make an About Us page, Contact Us page, Testimonials page and any other page you want to include in the main navigation bar at the top of your site. But for the bulk of your website content, do … Read more