Cornerstone Content: a simple how to guide

What is Cornerstone Content – a quick overview… Cornerstone Content is similar to Flagship Content. Cornerstone Content is based around a hub PAGE, not a blog post. That connects or groups together all of your content on the topic covered by a specific keyword you want to rank for. Your Cornerstone Content page is the only page … Read more

Resources and Tools of The Trade

I’ve used all of the products I list on this page, found them useful and believe the product I got was more than worth the price I paid. Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide … Read more

Genesis Extender Tutorial

StudioPress theme customisation with the Genesis Extender plugin If you’re using a StudioPress theme or a theme based on the Genesis Framework, Genesis Extender is a useful add on. Genesis Extender lets you… Change the look of your theme by editing the CSS styles. Make new page layouts such as magazine style home pages. Make … Read more

StudioPress themes review – choosing the right theme

This StudioPress themes review is designed to help you choose the right theme for your business or blog. When you buy a theme from the StudioPress site you have four basic options. Buy a single theme designed by StudioPress. Buy a single theme designed by an independent designer but sold by StudioPress (Community Themes). Buy … Read more

Simple Sidebars Tutorial

This Simple Sidebars tutorial shows you how to add new sidebars to your Genesis or StudioPress site. We’re using the Simple Sidebars plugin by StudioPress. What you can, and can not do, using this Simple Sidebars Tutorial. You can make new sidebars and assign them to… Individual pages. Individual posts. Category archive listing pages. (Not … Read more

Simple URLs Tutorial

The Simple URLs plugin by StudioPress helps you make affiliate links shorter. And because you control the text in the link, you can make your outbound links easier to understand for your site visitors. A link that looks like this… Is made to look like this… After you install and activate the Simple URLs plugin … Read more

Simple Edits Tutorial – a StudioPress, Genesis plugin

This Simple Edits tutorial is about a StudioPress plugin, you must be using the Genesis Framework to use this plugin. You use Simple Edits to show information above and below your blog post, things like… The post author’s name. The date the post was uploaded. A link to more posts in the same category. A … Read more

Simple Hooks tutorial, Genesis hooks the easy way.

There are two Simple Hooks videos on this page. The first video is a short guide, the second one goes in to a bit more detail. The simple hooks plugin only works on the Genesis Framework. Using Simple Hooks – a short guide. Install Simple Hooks plugin. Find the hook you want to use. Type … Read more

Genesis Responsive Slider Tutorial

How to set-up up your Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin just the way you want it. Not all StudioPress themes have a built in slider, if yours does, read on. First install and activate the Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin If your Genesis based theme is not mobile responsive, use the Genesis slider. If you have a … Read more

Genesis featured post widget, a tutorial

Using the Genesis featured post widget. Some but NOT ALL StudioPress themes have widget areas in the body of the home page. Magazine Theme is a typical example. If your theme has one of these widgetized home page layouts, follow this tutorial to see how you set up the Genesis featured post widgets on … Read more

Genesis Framework widget areas (how to add them)

Be careful when adding Genesis framework widget areas. If you damage a PHP file your website will stop working and all you will be able to see is a white screen. So you need to access, replace or repair your PHP files using FTP. Do not try edit any PHP files until you can use … Read more

Firebug – editing WordPress CSS

Before you use Firebug to edit any code on your website, backup up your site and make sure you know how to replace any files that you may accidentally damage. You need FTP access and you need to know which files are important before you do this.

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Genesis themes – How to customize News, Lifestyle and other WordPress themes.

Style selector | Theme images On page | Hyperlinks | Nav bar link colour | Title colour

Many StudioPress and Genesis themes have a built in colour style selector. This means you can change the colour of your site with just a few clicks.

.When Genesis themes have this option you can find it in the WordPress dashboard, click Genesis > Theme settings > Colour style. This video shows you how.

Please note!

StudioPress themes will be changing dramatically from June 8th 2021. Please read this updated information about StudioPress themes.

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