Genesis Simple FAQ plugin: Making a single FAQ list

Condensed instructions for WordPress power users Install the plugin. Go to Dashboard > Simple FAQs > Add new. Then use this shortcode [gs_faq] to display the FAQs. This is what the Genesis FAQ looks like using the sample theme. The styling will be different depending on the specific theme you use. In this first tutorial I … Read more

Displaying Genesis Simple FAQs in widget areas

 When you install the Genesis FAQ plugin, a new FAQ widget is added to… Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets This tutorial shows you how to use that Genesis FAQ widget to add a list of frequently asked questions to any widget area. To use the FAQ widget, you don’t have to use a shortcode. … Read more

Shortcodes for the Genesis Simple FAQ plugin

 The Genesis Simple FAQ plugin uses a simple shortcode to display your FAQ questions… [gs_faq] This shortcode displays every FAQ question you’ve made. See a sample FAQ list here. If necessary you can add some parameters to this shortcode giving you more control over the output. The parameters The id parameter: each FAQ question … Read more