Elementor Tutorial: a Quick Start Guide

This Elementor tutorial is in two formats. Watch the video or scroll down for the text and images. In this Elementor Tutorial we’ll build a page like this… This Elementor tutorial is for WordPress. So I’m assuming you already have a WordPress website, you will also need… Elementor (free version) Fullwidth Page Templates ( free plugin) Make … Read more

Genesis Dambuster plugin basic settings

If you have the latest version of Genesis and a modern theme, you won’t need this plugin. A full width page option is now built into Genesis. Genesis Dambuster plugin makes your page full width and removes selected elements from your page, such as the post title or the navbar. The important facts… Your page … Read more

Beaver Builder Tutorial – The Basics

Beaver Builder links There are two versions of the Beaver Builder plugin and there is a Beaver Builder theme. Free Plugin | Premium Plugin (with loads of extras) I’ve made a set of Beaver Builder demo pages and some more tutorials on GenesisUser.com The Layout Grid: Beaver Builder tutorial step one The first step in … Read more

Genesis CSS learn how to tweak and customize your site

Genesis CSS: in a nut shell… Genesis CSS Tweaks By tweaking simple Genesis CSS code in an off-the-peg theme you can get a bespoke looking theme for not much more than an off-the-peg price. I’ve built a website that goes into detail explaining what I mean… Find Out More The ideal solution In an ideal … Read more

Sticky Header or Menu in Genesis

Adding a sticky header or menu in Genesis using the plugin: Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll The Problem If you have a long scrolling page you might worry that users will not want to scroll back to the navbar at the top of the page. And if they can’t see your navbar they could … Read more

Customizing the WordPress Query

Using the WordPress loop to display just one category on the home page In this tutorial we set the home page to display our latest posts. Then we use a code snippet, provided by Bill Erickson (WordPress developer), to force the home page to only display posts from one category. Only do this if you’ve … Read more

Genesis themes – How to customize News, Lifestyle and other WordPress themes.

Style selector | Theme images On page | Hyperlinks | Nav bar link colour | Title colour

Many StudioPress and Genesis themes have a built in colour style selector. This means you can change the colour of your site with just a few clicks.

.When Genesis themes have this option you can find it in the WordPress dashboard, click Genesis > Theme settings > Colour style. This video shows you how.

Please note!

StudioPress themes will be changing dramatically from June 8th 2021. Please read this updated information about StudioPress themes.

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