Using Genesis Column Classes To Build Layout Grids

Genesis Column Classes Video 1 (the basic idea) Genesis Column Classes Video 2 (how it works) Before we start using Genesis Column Classes, please note! You will need to use some very basic HTML code The easiest way to write code is using the text view in the WordPress editor. BUT! If you try editing … Read more

Images in StudioPress home page text widgets

If you look at the home pages of the StudioPress demo sites such as Altitude Pro you’ll see quite a lot of images. These images are displayed by WordPress in a variety of ways including… Featured images assigned to blog posts. The Genesis Featured page or post widget. A theme, or a widget area’s background … Read more

Icons used in StudioPress themes

There are two types of icons used in StudioPress themes…In this tutorial we are NOT dealing with the Simple Social Icons plugin. We’re just dealing with icons in text widgets, that use HTML code. Luckily, changing these icons is easy. These sites use icon code in text widgets… Altitude Pro Atmosphere Pro Remobile Pro You copy … Read more

StudioPress Pricing Table

Using Find and Replace in Notepad to change the text in the StudioPress pricing table. This is a long tutorial about the StudioPress pricing table. This is what we’re going to do… I’m assuming your StudioPress pricing table already has the StudioPress example code. You get the code we’re using by logging into your StudioPress account. Or … Read more

Genesis eNews Extended and Mailchimp

How to set up a Mailchimp newsletter sign up box in a StudioPress theme. Please Note! You now need to include the https:// part of your mail chimp code when you paste your code into the eNews Extended plugin. Setting up Genesis eNews Extended and Mailchimp – a video tutorial with screen shots New to … Read more

Simple Sidebars Tutorial

This Simple Sidebars tutorial shows you how to add new sidebars to your Genesis or StudioPress site. We’re using the Simple Sidebars plugin by StudioPress. What you can, and can not do, using this Simple Sidebars Tutorial. You can make new sidebars and assign them to… Individual pages. Individual posts. Category archive listing pages. (Not … Read more

Simple URLs Tutorial

The Simple URLs plugin by StudioPress helps you make affiliate links shorter. And because you control the text in the link, you can make your outbound links easier to understand for your site visitors. A link that looks like this… Is made to look like this… After you install and activate the Simple URLs plugin … Read more

Simple Hooks tutorial, Genesis hooks the easy way.

There are two Simple Hooks videos on this page. The first video is a short guide, the second one goes in to a bit more detail. The simple hooks plugin only works on the Genesis Framework. Using Simple Hooks – a short guide. Install Simple Hooks plugin. Find the hook you want to use. Type … Read more

Genesis Grid Loop Tutorial

In this Genesis Grid loop tutorial you will learn how to configure all of the basic settings. So, what is the Genesis grid loop, what does it look like? See the image below… This is the code we will be editing in this Genesis grid loop tutorial. In the StudioPress theme I’m using for this … Read more

Genesis Framework widget areas (how to add them)

Be careful when adding Genesis framework widget areas. If you damage a PHP file your website will stop working and all you will be able to see is a white screen. So you need to access, replace or repair your PHP files using FTP. Do not try edit any PHP files until you can use … Read more