Foodie Pro code snippets

Do you want to use my Foodie Pro code snippets? I made three Code Snippets for this Foodie Pro tutorial. They enable you to add a few finishing touches to the site. I’ve only used code snippets for the things Foodie Pro’s point and click settings can’t do. First decide if you need to use … Read more

Foodie Pro theme from StudioPress

Foodie Pro Overview

Foodie Pro: Customizing Your Theme In this video and tutorial I’m going to show you how I set up Foodie Pro to look like this… P.S. If you’re new to WordPress check out my basic tutorials. To follow along you’ll need basic WordPress skills. What will you be able to do after watching this tutorial? … Read more

Adding an image logo to Foodie pro

On this page I will Change the color of the Site Title and then upload an image logo to Foodie Pro to replace the text version of the Site Title. Change the color of the Site Title text in Foodie Pro By default, WordPress uses a text logo for your site. To change the text … Read more

Foodie Pro background Color and Background Image

In this tutorial I will show you how to change the main background color of Foodie Pro. I’ll also show you how to add a large background image to Foodie Pro. In the video I use an image of 1920×1080 pixels. This will fill the screen of most computers so I don’t need to tile … Read more

Changing the Navbar Colours in Foodie Pro

You can change the color of the navbar’s top and bottom border, links and the navbar background in Foodie Pro. Go to… Appearance > Customize > Colors You have several options for changing the navigation bar colors in Foodie Pro Border color: This changes the nav bar’s top and bottom border as well as other … Read more

Before Header and Genesis eNews Extended colors in Foodie Pro

We are dealing with ACTION not Accent. The names of these two settings in Foodie Pro are confusingly similar. I’m not sure why.   In this video we will change the colors of the top bar and the colors of the eNews mailing list sign up box, wherever it’s displayed. But! Please note. Foodie Pro has settings for… … Read more

Footer and Recipe Top background colors in Foodie Pro

This tutorial is about the Recipe Top and the Footer widget areas, in Foodie Pro. I will show you how to change the background color and the paragraph text color in these two widget areas.   Foodie Pro calls Recipe Top and the Footer, Accent There are two big blocks of color that you can … Read more

Font Colors and Typography in Foodie Pro

Foodie Pro is very customizable. You can change font family, size and colors. Foodie Pro has quite a few settings for font colors and typography. I’m going to show you how to do a few common tasks. Then I would encourage you to experiment, practice and learn as you go along. First I’ll… Make the … Read more

Foodie Pro – Featured Posts widget

The Foodie Pro – Featured Post Widget is one of the most powerful features in Foodie Pro. The Grid Layout Foodie Pro has a special grid layout feature and I haven’t seen this in any other Genesis theme. You can use these grids in the widget areas on the front page and the recipe page … Read more

Widget areas in Foodie Pro

A basic guide to the Foodie Pro widget area settings. This video is not designed to teach you how to use WordPress. So I assume you already know how to put widgets in to sidebars and other widget areas. In this video I’m just going to explain how the main widget areas have been used … Read more