The 5 Minute Guide: Creating Website Content For A Service Business

This 5 minute guide is a brief overview of my Client Winner content writing system. I’ve written more in-depth guides for each element you need on your site and your homepage. You can find those links in the sidebar. The headline and sub-headline of your homepage should state… This is what I do These are … Read more

Writing Homepage Content For A Service Business Website

I’ve explained how to write the main homepage headline in a previous tutorial. In this tutorial I’ll explain about the other elements you need to put on your front page. Each element helps your website to win new clients. Your photo If you’re a freelancer or one person business you might want to put your … Read more

Writing Content For A Small Business Website

Writing content for a small business website is not rocket science once you realize, you don’t need a website, you need a way to win clients. This Is An Overview Of The Client Winner System Client Winner offers affordable web design solutions for startups and small businesses. The problem is that the amount of information and advice … Read more

Writing A Contact Us Page That Gets Clients To Take Action

You’ve put a lot of effort into getting your prospect to your contact us page. Don’t blow it now. Ask for just enough information to get the ball rolling It’s easy to build contact forms that ask for lots of details. But I’d ask for enough information to get the conversation started, and no more. … Read more

Writing A Services Page That Wins Clients

Writing a good services page for your website is not that difficult, if you stick to a few simple rules. List the type of clients you help. Name your services around those client types. Add a description below each service name, focus on the benefits you deliver. Prove that you deliver the results your clients … Read more

Overcoming Objections And Neutralising Fears

You need to overcome every objection. And you need to neutralize every fear that your prospect has about doing business with you. Is your offer irresistible? First, make sure you offer something that your prospect wants and needs. Then make sure your prospect gets a good return when they invest in your services. And make it easy for … Read more

Write A Good First Draft, Don’t Aim For Perfection

Your aim is to build a good first draft of your website and then hone, refine and build and improve upon that over time. Building a perfect website, from scratch, the first time is impossible. If you don’t want to set up WordPress yourself, Client Winner can help you at a reasonable price Write a good first draft So … Read more

Do They Want What You Sell

And, can you find them to deliver your message? The first rule of business is… Know your clients and their problems. Then analyze your product or service. So you can understand why your clients buy from YOU and not your competitor. The question you need to answer is. Do prospects want what you’re selling, enough … Read more

Navigation and Web Pages Needed for a Service Business Website

These are the pages needed for a service business website… Home About Services Case studies Portfolio Pricing Blog Contact If you offer one specific service. You could name that service in your navigation bar. This makes it clear what service you offer. Instead of Services, for instance, you could put Logo Design. Don’t use “Us” … Read more

Homepage Headline and Subheading for a Service Business

The headline and sub-headline of your homepage should state… This is what I do These are the people I help My clients have this problem And this is the end result they get from my services It’s also a good idea to hint at the size of your business. If you’re a one-man band, you … Read more

Deliver a Clear and Simple Message to Google and to Your Clients

What are we aiming at? I want you to get off the fence. I want you to understand that getting your own website is not “Pie in The Sky”. You can have your own website soon. If you focus on delivering the clear easy to understand message your clients need to hear. When asked, “how … Read more

Miscellaneous Tips For Writing Web Page Content

This is a collection of tips and advice that didn’t deserve their own page but are too important to leave out. Web design tips If you use WordPress, good quality plugins and a good theme, you’ll have few web design problems. Forget about making trivial tweaks to your design. Concentrate on getting your website content … Read more

Writing About Pages That Win Clients

Most people don’t like writing about themselves. They don’t like to brag or blow their own trumpet. Luckily your about page is not about you. Your about page is about your client and their problems And how well placed you are to help your client solve their problems. So for your business to be a … Read more